Diablo III News

Diablo 3 Eternal Collection for Nintendo Switch Releases This November

After announcing that it’s working on porting Diablo 3 to Nintendo Switch, Blizzard Entertainment made the next logical move and revealed the exact Diablo III Eternal Collection release date. Starting November 2, 2018, all Switch users can enjoy one of the best hack-and-slash RPGs; even if it was originally released in 2012. Diablo ...[Read More]

Diablo III Eternal Collection Will Arrive Later This Year on Nintendo Switch

Diablo 3 for Nintendo Switch was leaked on Forbes one day before the official announcement planned by Blizzard Entertainment. Although the article is no longer available; readers had the chance to save the information confirming that a new Diablo 3 port is currently in development. Long story short, Blizzard will release Diablo III for Ni...[Read More]