Diablo III Write A Review

Rules For Writing A Review

  • Play the game. When doing so, take notes of what you liked and what you didn't. Try to go over every feature of the game for the highest quality review.
  • Write a short introduction about 2-3 sentences that sums up the game but don't spoil it too much and catches the reader's attention!
  • Write the notes you took, and add to them. After the introduction, the review itself begins. Write, add and connect the notes you took.
  • Write things you really liked or really hated. If you hated or liked something very specific in the game such as a map, a gameplay feature, a really annoying glitch etc., add it as well.
  • Include every concept of the game including the graphics, music, cinematics, story, content, controls, gameplay, and your own opinion.
  • Write about examples and references to the game to back up your argument and give the reader an idea of what you are talking about without giving out too many spoilers.
  • Write an ending paragraph. Sum it all up with an ending paragraph. Write a sentence about the game, list the pros and cons, and give a score.
  • Reviews need to be approved before showing up on the site.