Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD Rupees Guide: How To Get

Zelda Skyward Sword HD Rupees

Rupees are the main currency in Legend of Zelda games. You can use these to get upgrades for your gear, admission for mini-games, and much more. However, if you want to buy most of the things that cost Rupees, you will need many. Acquiring a lot of Rupees can be hard and tricky. This Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD guide will include all the details on how to acquire Rupees. 

How to Get Rupees in Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD

You can acquire Rupees in several ways in the game. Some of these methods can be a bit grindy but are worth it in the long term. The first way is by interacting with purple-looking Goddess Cubes. You can find these all around the map, and they are easy to identify.

Once you see a box, you need to strike it down using your skyward strike attack. This will make them disappear and cause a chest to appear in the sky randomly. You can fly and open the chest to acquire many Rupees. The second option is to sell treasures to Rupin, who is located in the Skyloft at night. A treasure like amber relics, golden skulls, and more can get you a good amount of Rupee. You can also use them to upgrade your gear.

You will need to first buy Bug Net from Beedle’s Shop for 50 Rupees for the third option. Once you acquire the Bug Net, you can use it to catch various bugs throughout the game in different zones. You can use these bugs to makes potions for yourself. You can also sell these bugs at a reasonable price to Strich, who is in the Knight Academy at night.

Upgrading your Wallet

At the start of the game, you can carry 300 Rupees in your wallet. Later on in the game, this will not be enough, and you will need to upgrade your wallet. There are many small upgrades at Beedle’s air shop, and they cost quite a lot. You will also need to find Gratitude Crystals and bring them to Batreaux. This will upgrade the capacity of your wallet to the max. 

Here is how you can get Rupees in Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD. To learn more check out our guide on how you can find Kukiel.

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