Far Cry New Dawn Old Wood Bat Weapon Location

Far Cry: New Dawn

PC PlayStation 4 Xbox One
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Far Cry: New Dawn Old Wood Bat Weapon Location

Far Cry New Dawn Old Wood Bat Weapon Location

The Far Cry New Dawn Old Wood Bat is a Rank 1 melee weapon you can craft and use in the video game developed by  for PlayStation 4PC and Xbox One.

It is a basic weapon available early in the game.

The Old Wood Bat is very similar to the Baseball Bat from Far Cry 5; the only difference being its improved handling.

The following guide explains where to find the Old Wood Bat in Far Cry New Dawn.


“Hit something with a stick and run. Baseball really is a timeless game.”

General Information

Rank: 1
Weapon Type: Melee
Range: Small
Accuracy: Medium
Handling: High
Damage: 58
RPM: 58
Magazine: 1
Similar Weapons: Makeshift Bolted Pipe, “Optimism” Shovel, Optimized Socket Pipe, Optimized Steel Bat, “Punk” Bat, “Nailed It” Shovel, “Reality” Shovel


Far Cry: New Dawn Old Wood Bat Location

If you can’t find the Old Wood Bat while looting your enemies, or through exploration, it will be automatically unlocked at the workbench in Prosperity after you complete Find Hope story mission.

The Far Cry: New Dawn Old Wood Bat requires a Level 0 workbench since it’s a Rank 1 weapon.

How to Use Effectively

Because it’s a low-quality weapon, the Wood Bat will help you early in the game. It is a close quarter weapon which means that in order to use it effectively you have to be near your enemy.

Once you unlock higher-rank weapons, you can totally forget about it.

Did you manage to craft this Baseball Bat in Far Cry New Dawn?

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