Gears 5

Shroud And Dr Disrespect Find The Same Gears 5 Mechanic Frustrating

Gears 5 has got positive reviews and people love it but the game is not perfect. Shroud and Dr Disrespect, shared their thoughts on Gears 5 and mentioned that there is a mechanic that they both find very frustrating to deal with. The problem is that the game does not properly recognize when the player is trying to take a tight turn from a corner. What happens it that the character starts to roll a...[Read More]

The Coalition Responds To Gears 5 Matchmaking Issues

Gears 5 is available now and some players are facing some matchmaking issues. The Coalition has responded and mentioned that the team knows of the issue. Matchmaking issues is not a good thing in a multiplayer game and the same is the case with Gears 5. Here is what the Coalition had to say about the matter: We are seeing reports from a small percentage of users that are experiencing difficulty ma...[Read More]

Gears 5 Microtransactions Are Only Cosmetic

Gears 5 was one of the major highlights of the Microsoft conference at E3 2019. Developer The Coalition mentioned that Gears 5 will have microtransactions but they will only be cosmetic. Buying items or weapons with real money that give players an advantage in-game are frowned upon in the gaming community. Fans have already paid $60 for the game and want to have proper balance. If a player does no...[Read More]