The Witcher 3 A Matter of Life And Death Side Quest Guide

Witcher 3 A Matter of Life And Death

A matter of life and death is a Novigrad quest in the Witcher 3 which decides the fate of Triss Merigold in the game. You can start the quest after the “A Poet Under Pressure” quest. In this guide, we are going to go over what you need to know about the matter of life and death side quest in The Witcher 3.

A Matter of Life And Death Witcher 3Side Quest

First of all, you need to head over to the hideout where Triss is and find out what she needs help with. Triss will need to meet a man in the fish market. You will need to leave the hideout and head over to the market. Ask about the trout and walk off to discuss top-secret matters.

You will then have to cross a bridge where three enemies will attack you. You will need to kill all three of these men and save the messenger. The quest will be updated and you will need to take Albert Vegelbud out of the city. The plan is to do this during Vegelbud’s famous masquerade parties.

Triss will ask you to pick up the masks. You will also need to get a fancy doublet. To do this, you will need to leave Triss alone and had over to Elihal’s shop. Buy Triss a fox mask and get one for yourself too. The doublet is optional but you should buy a shirt, pants, and boots.

Put on the clothes and Triss will be happy that you did so for her. This is an important step if you want to romance her. Do not wear the mask when you go talk to Triss and she will react to your clothes. Once the interaction is complete, you will head over to the party and hand over your weapons to the man at the gate.

Witcher 3 A Matter of Life And Death

You are not going to need your weapons so you can go right in without any worries. Triss will be stopped by a person on the way who thinks that she is an escort. You can pick a fight or ask Triss to leave in order to avoid the fight. Go up the stairs to the next section of the party. To the right will be a Gwent tournament. You can earn some good cards here. When you are done exploring go to the left of the fountain and you will find Lady Vedelbug.

Lady Vedelbug suggests that the best time to move Albert is during the fireworks. Albert will be wearing a panther mask. You need to go to the right of the stairs and follow the bushes to find him. Now, you need to talk to him about the plan and agree to meet him when the fireworks start. You can sit with Triss on a bench nearby to kill the time.

While talking to her she will have s few glasses of wine. To win her over, tell her that she is charismatic. Once you do that, Triss will run into the garden maze. You will need to go after her and catch her near the fountain. If you want to romance her then you will have to kiss her during the fireworks.

Once you have done that, you meet up with Albert. Triss and Albert will go on their way and you will leave a few minutes later. You will then be ambushed by three enemies. You can use signs and your fists to take them out. Once the enemies are down, leave the area and get to the stable.

You will be able to catch Alber and Triss right before they leave. Talk to them for a bit and the quest will be completed. That is all you need to know about the Witcher 3 matter of life and death side quest.

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