Divinity Original Sin 2 Rogue Build Guide: Attributes, Equipment, Abilities

Divinity Original Sin 2 Rogue Build

Divinity Original Sin 2 has plenty of character builds that you can go with. In this Divinity Original Sin 2 guide, we are going to go over the Rogue build.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Rogue Build

A duelist rogue build is going to be a high risk, high reward kind of build with which the character focuses on dodging. If you are interested in duel weapons then this is going to be the build for you. The parry master talent goes well here as it increases dodging by 10% when dual wielding.

For a better rogue build in Divinity Original Sin 2, you should pick the Dwarf race as the character gets an additional 5% dodge from Sturdy.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Rogue Build

Attributes and Equipment

For this rogue build, you should focus on Finesse and Wits. Finesse is the primary attribute of daggers. You will need this to increase damage. Wits will grant you critical chance and initiative. These are ideal for spotting traps and other items of value on the map.

Once you have put a few points into these attributes, you should also put a few points into Memory and Constitution. As a rogue, you are going to use armor that requires Finesse. This means that you will have a balance between Physical and Magical Armor.

Ideally, you should get more Magical Armor as you are not going to get hit a lot by physical attacks keeping in mind the dodge stats that you are going to have. You will want to find armor pieces that have Dodging or Dual Wielding on them. Stack pieces with these bonuses.

Talking about weapons, you should get Dual Wield Daggers. This will get you a bonus from Parry Master. It will also allow you to use the Scoundrel Skills. The following are some of the weapons that we recommend and how to get them.

Daggers Drops From Location
Chastity and Abstinence Kniles, the Flenser Fort Joy Prison
Terrorbite and Venombite Dorotya, the Decadent One Undertavern of Driftwood


These weapons are going to be great if you are interested in getting started. You can use these until you find better equipment.

Abilities and Talents

With this Divinity Original Sin 2 rogue build, you are going to want at least 3 points in Scoundrel. You should add 5 points if you want Mortal Blow. You should add 10 points into Dual Wielding and 10 points into Warfare. Be sure to add 1 or 2 points in Warfare early on.

The following are the talents that we recommend for this Divinity Original Sin 2 rogue build:

  • Parry Master
  • Opportunist
  • The Pawn
  • Hothead
  • Picture of Health


The following are the Scoundrel Skills that we recommend for this build:

  • Adrenaline
  • Backlash
  • Throwing Knife
  • Corrupted Blade
  • Rupture Tendons
  • Sawtooth Knife
  • Sleeping Arms
  • Mortal Blow

The following are the Warfare Skills that we recommend for this build:

  • Battle Stomp
  • Whirlwind
  • Crippling Blow

The following are some other skills that we recommend for this build:

  • Bless

That is all for our Divinity rogue build guide.

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