Chivalry 2 Best Classes Guide: Archer, Footman, Knight, Vanguard

Chivalry 2 Best Classes

In Chivalry 2, there are 4 classes from which a player can choose. These classes are then divided into subclasses. You can select any class of your choice depending on your playstyle. This Chivalry 2 guide will include all the details about classes, such as their abilities, weapons, attacks, and more. 

Best Classes in Chivalry 2 

There are four classes in Chivalry 2, Knight, Vanguard, Footman, and Archer. 


There are three subclasses in Archer are Crossbowman, Longbowman, and Skirmisher. The class revolves around using a bow or a long-range weapon. You will not be the frontline in any fights, and you will have to kill enemy players from afar.


A crossbowman makes use of his crossbow to deal damage. A crossbow has more damage than a normal bow but takes time to shoot. However, you can also use a shield to protect yourself from incoming attacks while holding a crossbow.


A longbowman uses longbow and has the most range in all subclasses of Archer. It is the safest weapon as you can take out enemies from far away without them being able to attack you. One thing to keep in mind is that you should release the arrow quickly and in successions. This is because that if you hold for too long, your stamina and accuracy will start to lower down quite fast.


A skirmisher uses spears and javelins to deal massive damage to enemies. The class is not suited for finishing enemies, and your attack speed is also quite slow. You will need to make sure that you have a good secondary weapon on you.


The three subclasses in Footman are Field Engineer, Man at Arms, and Polearm.

Field Engineer

A field engineer has three primary weapons pickaxe, shovel, and sledgehammer. The pickaxe has more damage than the shovel but is not that accurate. The shovel has the lowest damage out of these weapons but has good range. The sledgehammer deals the most damage, but the weapon is quite slow to use. The class has traps as their secondary weapons. 

Man at Arms

A man at arms carries a shield and a single-handed weapon. The single-handed weapon can be a sword, morning star, falchion, or spear. Falchion and sword are good weapons with decent damage and range. Spear does more damage compared to other weapons but is not a fast weapon. Morning star is a type of mace that is good on the offense. You also have light secondary weapons to work with. 


A poleman can use a Halberd, a pole hammer, or a spear. The Halberd is a decent all-rounder weapon with great attack speed and damage. Polehammer is great as a ranged weapon as it is blunt and does great damage at a larger range. The spear can be a flexible weapon as you can swing it around and do quite some damage. 


Knight has three sub-classes that are Crusader, Guardian, and Officer. 


The class uses battle-axe, an executioner’s axe, or a two-handed hammer. Both axes have high damage output. However, the hammer is a much faster weapon. You can also use an oil pot to set fields on fire.


The guardian uses an axe, spear, or a Warhammer. The axe is effective towards weaker and lighter classes. The one-handed spear can deal damage from range and keep the close-ranged enemies away. Warhammer is a powerful weapon to use. 


The officer makes use of a heavy mace, longsword, poleaxe, or a war axe. Heavy mace, as the name suggests, is heavy but does deal great damage. Longsword is a fast weapon that does good damage. Poleaxe can be used to harass enemies from long range. War axe has swing attacks that can do damage to enemies in a radius. 


Vanguard has three classes that are Ambusher, Devastator, and Raider. It also has the highest stamina amongst all the other classes.


Ambusher makes use of two secondary weapons. You can constantly change weapons to combo high damage and confuse the enemy. 


The devastator makes use of weapons like battleaxe and maul. Both of these have enough damage to one-shot enemy. Secondary weapons like oil pots and throwing mallets are also useful. 


The raider has the Dane axe, glaive, messer, and a two-handed hammer. Dane Axe has a high range but low damage to enemies. The messer and glaive also have high range but also serious damage. The two-handed hammer is good against a single target and is not recommended for team fights.

These are all the classes in Chivalry 2 that you can play. If you want to learn more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can play the game with your friends.

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