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Borderlands 3

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Borderlands 3 Mouthpiece Boss Guide: How To Beat Mouthpiece

Borderlands 3 Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece is the second boss in Borderlands 3. In this Borderlands 3 guide, we are going to walk you through how you can beat Mouthpiece.

How To Beat Mouthpiece Borderlands 3

Picking a fight with Mouthpiece can bring you a lot of trouble because your character might die by triggering off multiple environmental traps.

The fight with this boss happens in the last part of the main quest – Cult Following. Surrounded by multiple big speakers in a large square room is where this battle happens. 

If you are nearby the speakers when they are activated, you might get a serious amount of damage or even die as these speakers are very dangerous for your character 

You can figure out if they are active or not by looking at the cables on the floor and seeing if they are turning red. In a very short amount of time, a few seconds, you have to move somewhere else. It is recommended that you move in between the outer fields or in the center of the arena, where Mouthpiece stands. 

Mouthpiece can effectively attack you from afar with the weapon he has. Take cover behind different objects while continuously moving around in order to dodge his attacks. 

In order to save himself from the bullets, the boss uses a shield in his alternate hand. There are multiple ways you can attack him, either by aiming for his head, or wait for him so he can turn towards you or until he reveals himself to you. 

Within the arena, you will also find multiple other smaller enemies as well. You can ignore them mostly during the battle. Try to be continuously on a move as the smaller opponents might attack you using a melee weapon. 

There is one advantage of these small opponents. If you fall down, you can easily kill one of them because of their short health bars and get the second wind. 

During the fight, there will come a time when Mouthpiece will temporarily be immortal. You will be notified by the game through the change of colors in his health bar. He will also become immune to some of your attacks. Meanwhile, wait for it to become vulnerable again so your attacks can do some damage. 

Also note, that there are a number of boxes that have cross icons on them in the same room where you will be fighting with Mouthpiece. Each of those boxes will have syringes in them, these will help you in healing. When you are on the verge of dying, go to these boxes and heal yourself because you might not want to risk getting revived or FFYL. 

This is how you can beat Mouthpiece in Borderlands 3.

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