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CoD BO4 User Review: A Huge Disappointment

CoD Black Ops 4 has really been a huge disappointment. I can’t believe that they even put this game out. Nothing has changed in the Black Ops series. All you have to do is learn where people spawn and you can be on top of the leader board. Even the game asteroids wouldn’t let you spawn in till it was safe. A huge waste of your time to buy this game. Wait till you can find it at a yard ...[Read More]

Division 2 User Review: Great Game But Still Too Many Bugs!

The game is great to play but I have been disconnected too many times for various reasons that have everything to do with Ubisoft connections. Expect this to get better as time passes – I hope. Gameplay is much more difficult than the original Division; roaming bad guys are much more powerful and more numbers of them too. I also wish there were NVGs available so you can see in the darkness &...[Read More]

Metro Exodus User Review: Absolute Dog Shit Game

Absolute dog shit game…Problem after problem after problem.. non-stop! Really wish I kept my money!! I would love my 80 bucks back and the time spent I wasted playing this horrible game! I had to restart levels because it glitches out and won’t load properly playing on very hard difficulty! IDK how I am supposed to have the patience to play this garbage game but I uninstalled after hav...[Read More]

Apex Legends Solo, Duo, or Squad Modes

Please make this game where you can choose between solo, duo, or squads! This game would be 1000 times better that way.